Travel is Essential to a Full & Successful Life

Many philosophers and writers like Mark Twain see travel as essential for a balanced and full life.

Why is Travel So Important?
Marrakesh SquareThis is because travel balances your views by levelling ones perspective on life.

Difficult situations that arise while travelling, force the mind and body to heights you never knew you had. You can then draw on this enhanced thought in every-day situations or business problems.

Furthermore, the larger the obstacle you overcome on the road, the smaller your everyday problem will appear back home. Boosting your self confidence and making you feel more comfortable.

Travel Gets the Subconscious Mind Working
Slow Boat to BaganSometimes your imagination will be stimulated by something different you saw on the road.  Allowing you to reflect on the experience to achieve success in a different way.

This can have a dramatic effect on the rest of your life

Either emotionally: making you a better person – more understanding or sociable. Or materialistically: opening a new opportunity to make money.

A Change Makes a Difference
JapanA different way of living or the time to think freely is beneficial. I find business books at an airport pay for themselves many times over. If I wasn’t on the flight, I wouldn’t have brought the book, and defiantly wouldn’t have had the time to read it. Similarly, writing while flying, can be more creative because the mind thinks differently.

Capsule in Capsule Hotel, ToykoThe more contrary the type of travel or living is to your everyday life: the more benefit. Try camping, climbing, or living on a boat. Likewise, if you live a little rough usually: book a budget luxury room somewhere stimulating.


Go to a New Country
Typical Burma GirlVisit a country you haven’t been before. Somewhere totally different. Another religion, another culture. Where you have to think.

New Friends
I’ve met some of my best friends travelling. Interesting people I see decades latter, and would never have come across otherwise.

Extremely Important
In short: travel is essential to success in life. Greater than most realise. And the more adventurous the trip, the more benefit.

Forget boring package holidays where the mind has little to work. Research online or invest in a Lonely Planet book, and go it alone. The problems you overcome will enrich your everyday living on return. And the opportunities you come across…..

Impressions Last a Long Time
Essaouira Fishermen, MoroccoFurthermore, memories you generate travelling last a lifetime. The longer and more difficult the trip: the better and more-lasting the memory.

Look back at your life: do you regret doing more things, than you regret not doing?

Don’t miss out – organise an adventurous trip right now!

Life's Short

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Ten reasons why I still prefer living in China, rather than Britain

Today, 1st July 2012, is 15-years since Britain lost Hong Kong. It HAS changed, but not so much!

Hong Kong has become more like Mainland China, and Mainland China has become more like Hong Kong.

There are about 2-million Mainlanders visiting Hong Kong a month, usually to shop for quality VAT-free goods – and many Hong Kong people go to the Mainland in search of their heritage. However, 15-years ago, there was literally only a trickle each way.

One of the biggest changes I’ve noticed is how bad HongKongers English has become, especially the young. I put this down to “mother-tongue” teaching after the handover – before everything was in English at all schools.

Another change is how political the Hong Kong news has become on all media, but this was to be expected. After all, it’s well known news on the Mainland is brutally and bluntly censored. Sometimes in Guangzhou, I see a few seconds of part of an advert inserted into a politically-sensitive part of the news on a Hong Kong TV channel.

Pollution in both Hong Kong and the mainland is now really bad – dramatically much-worse than 15-years ago. Sometimes in Guangzhou everything appears in a white haze, and Hong Kong’s famous Peak views have been spoilt by thick haze. However, economic progress must have a price!

Despite all this, ten reasons why I still prefer living in China, rather than Britain:

• Most things cost half the price
• All shops are open in the evening & Sundays
• Everything is faster (well in Hong Kong) – from transport to ATMs
• More sun! The weather is “usually” better
• Much less tax!
• Still feels fun after 20-years!
• An abundance of cheap taxies
• Much fresher & larger choice of restaurant food
• More shops (they USED to call Britain a nation of shopkeepers before greed)
• Feels safer, especially at night

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