Chinese Year of the Monkey – 2016

Chinese Year of the Monkey - 2016The high-spirited Year of the Monkey begins on 8th February 2016. Each animal in the Chinese zodiac is divided into elements with slightly different characteristics – this new year is a Red Fire Monkey. Fire brings more energy to the animal, so magnifying its behavior.

Monkey People
monkey faceMonkeys are popular, naughty, very competitive, forceful, and control freaks. They’re playful, clever, imaginative, crafty, witty, and have a magnetic personality. As well as emotionally truthful, engrossed in the opposite sex, and intrusive at finding unconventional solutions to old problems. Their self assurance makes them fast learners and determined leaders. However, monkeys are also reckless, stubborn, aggressive and selfish.

If you are a Monkey
Chinese Year of the MonkeyYou should be lucky in everything except health this year. Improve your lifestyle and well-being, especially in finance where you enjoy a competitive edge. Wealth and career are positive, but be cautious when investing.

Your perfect partner is a rat or an ox, although you flourish with a rabbit or a dragon – you are least harmonious with a tiger or pig person. Your ambition and drive will do you well in finance, with a career in sales, marketing or advertising. Monkeys also prosper in law, medicine, writing, and many are famous movie stars.

Predictions for this Year of the Monkey
This will be a year of optimism and adventure. Anything can happen. Everything
will be fast, including settlement of conflicts. Although people will be more
boisterous, they also become more docile and open to change.

Travel accidents or catastrophic events are probable. Many will die. However, its a time to investigate, discover, create and take risks. Luck can strike any time. Seize opportunity and go for it!  Break the routine. However, monkeys can be unpredictable
and jealous.

Wealth will reward risk takers because of energy from the fire element. People and money will whiz around the globe even faster with business prospering, yet political upheaval will slow. Courage and originality will succeed – but you need to be able to hang onto the ride even if you have to bluff your way through. Keep fit.

Monkey Years
Monkey year 2016If you were born during these dates, then you are a Monkey:
20/02/1920 to 07/02/1921, 06/02/1932 to 25/01/1933, 25/01/1944 to 12/02/1945, 12/02/1956 to 30/01/1957, 30/01/1968 to 16/02/1969, 16/02/1980 to 04/02/1981, 04/02/1992 to 22/01/1993, 22/01/2004 to 08/02/2005, 08/02/2016 to 27/01/2017.

Famous Monkey People
Bette Davis, Charles Dickens, Danny De Vito, Diana Ross, Jeff Beck, Elizabeth
Taylor, Leonardo da Vinci, Pope John Paul II, Harry Truman, Ian Fleming, Joan
Crawford, Joe Cocker, Johnny Cash, Jimmy Page, Mel Gibson, Mick Jagger, Nelson
Rockefeller, Peter O’Toole, Little Richard, Rod Stewart, Will Smith.

Monkey Likes
Colours: white, blue & gold.
Birthstone: Peridot.
Western zodiac equivalent: Leo.
Lucky numbers: 4, 9,1, 7, 8.

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