What Will 2015 Bring? Predictions for the New Year

New Year - 2015

Old Moore’s Almanack
Old Moores AlmanackThe 348-year-old prophecies of this little book have been uncannily accurate. For 2015, it paints a rosy year.

Old Moore says 2015 will be in two parts. Life will be much easier on the surface, but behind the scenes there will be difficulty with more correction. Change is necessary because ‘the insiders have cheated the outsiders’.

In the UK there will be cries of anarchy, but latter in the year British creativity will flourish. Although inflation may return to the UK, Europe as a whole will finish the year more stable.

The mood of US citizens will ease, and globally 2015 will be a year of optimism and hope. This is especially so during the second half of the new year when planetary pressures will ease, bringing a feeling that a huge burden has lifted.

Chinese Year of the Goat
Chinese Year of the Goat - 2015The Year of the Goat (or Sheep) begins on 19th February 2015. The eighth of the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac and so believed to be lucky.

Calm and tranquility will dominate, balancing the international economy. Goat’s nurturing will ensure wisdom and good will prevail global conflicts. Respect to alliances will encourage unity to combat evil. Everything will slow with a drive back to basics, compromise and healing.

Year of the GoatGoats are creative animals that move forward, so this is the year for imagination. Creativity and arts will flourish, as will all luxuries and holiday travel. However, although goats are un-materialistic, they like to spend on splendour and beauty prompting debt.


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