Move To a Cheaper Country

Most of us can live anywhere in the world, despite what you think. It’s just a matter of imagination and desire.

Why move?
Tropical BeachOf course you need a reason to move. It could be better weather or opportunity – to feel wealthier, eat better, culture, or to live healthier.

However, few countries have ideal weather.  I’ve lived in China 22-years, but it’s comfortable only a short time in spring and autumn. Summer’s too hot and wet, and winter can be surprisingly cold with no heating.

MoneyOpportunity is a good reason to relocate – but if you want more spending power, you could work longer. Apply for more new jobs or work hard for yourself. Don’t become a hermit and stop buying things (like some of my friends) – just move!

Think positive. There’s always ways around restrictions – wherever it’s visas, money or talent. Research online for answers, visit your desired location to check it out. If it looks possible, go for it.

Complacently wastes lives. So does betting on odds like the lottery. Be positive and plan.

Where to go?
Hong KongThis depends of why you want to move. However, where living costs less is a good start. Unless you can fix a job in places like Switzerland or Japan, and then you may not be able to save much because everything costs so much.

You can live cheaply in India, Thailand, Philippines, China, Vietnam, or Cambodia for under US$50 a day. Twenty-years ago I backpacked for $10, but everything goes up. You can earn in these places too – teaching English or online.

Western Europe
Appealing if you’re holding a European passport. No visa hassles and budget internal flights.  Awesome culture and cheap repossessed holiday homes are attractive too – but expensive if you plan not working.

Eastern Europe
HungaryHungary and Budapest ooze culture – yet are as cheap as Poland and Romania, where a mass exodus to Britain has lowered property prices.

My next blog will look at other countries worth living.

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