Wild in Southern Morocco

The World’s Most Hated Airline at the UK Worst Airport

Ryanair Scams - trouble flying Ryanair!Looking for trouble: travelling Ryanair from Luton, recently rated the worst airport in Britain.  Poor MiMi got turned away minutes before boarding because non-Europeans flying Ryanair need a special stamp on their pass confirming visa status.

However, there was no mention except on the slip itself which we didn’t look at – another Ryanair scam!  I offered to buy a new ticket for the next day, but the experience was so horrible, she didn’t want to go!

Marrakesh Square

Ryanair Luton to Marrakesh – £98 return all in (often less).  Two nights at Hotel Cecil, just off Djemaa El Fna, the main square.  Excellent hotel – only 300 dermas with breakfast (US $38) for two.

Essaouira Fishermen, MoroccoDrive Marrakech to Essaouira – a beautiful little colonial fishing port with winding allies, quaint restaurants and comfortable hotels. Jimi Hendrix stayed 6-months: but Keith and I had time for just one night.

Down the coast road to Agadir. Where we enjoyed a night at the many beach-front restaurants – most serving beer and wine, hard to find elsewhere.



After 3-hours to find the car in Agadir, we headed the long way over the Anti Atlas Agadir Beach SunsetMountains back to Marrakesh. An interesting, but long trip over dramatic no-barer passes.

We did plan to stay overnight in a mountain village, but by the time we arrived it was dark and we couldn’t find anywhere. Trying to avoid driving inside Marrakesh’s medina mayhem of animals and touts – by mistake we ended up by the main square and being ripped off by fake parking wardens who get nasty after I photographed them.  Not realizing where we were in the darkness, we stayed at the run-down Grand Hotel Tazi, not to be recommended.

Cascades D'Ouzoud, MoroccoMarrakesh to Cascades D’Ouzoud, Morocco’s largest waterfalls. Took 5-hours there and three back the next day – because the Michalin map is different to the few signposts.  However, the falls were awesome from one of the many close-by restaurants over a delicious tagine dinner.


old Moroccon lady in the countrysideLast night back in the Hotel Cecil, Marrakesh and Ryanair back to Luton. A late rowdy flight resembling a Friday evening Wetherspoons.

Anti Atlas Mountain Road, Morocco
Drive over the Anti Atlas Mountains. Internet has improved in Morocco dramatically since my last trip 3-years ago – everywhere now has free fast wif-fi.

City parking and not finding a hotel in the mountains.

Nigel with Minty Tea, Marrakesh, MorrocoTime
Total 7-days.  Car hire found by Travel Supermarket – £99 for 4-days with excess insurance.  Travelled about 800-miles, but would have been less with sat-nav which costs £40 for a Tom Tom download.

Marrakesh to Essaouira: 176 klms
Essaouira to Agadir: 173 klms
Agadire to Asni to Marrakesh – 300 klms
Marrakesh to Cascades D’Ouzoud: 167 klms
Note: roads are slow, especially over mountains where some are single track. It’s also easy to get lost and although everyone speaks French, English is very little.

Tip for Drinkers
Take some duty free vodka or Bacardi and empty it into a water bottle to mix at restaurants.  Alcohol is only sold at a few expensive tourist bars, but every town has a booze shop (like in India) if you can find it.

Rip Offs
Be careful what you order in restaurants with no prices displayed – they often charge foreigners many-times more. However, this works both ways as one waiter found out after giving my offer of 50 dirhams back on an inflated bill!

Marrakesh Olive StallMoroccoVideo coming soon.
Video of my Morrocon trip 2010:here

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