Tough in the UK!

Tough this autumn in the UK!

This trip was a rush – 33-days were not enough.  Although we did only four bead shows over two weekends, I was working every day we weren’t on the boat, and we only took Rosey out twice.  Too cold, despite extra bedding – 6-degrees on the water!

I’ve found the time and inspiration to write this on the early-evening Emirates flight to Dubai, with the help of L’ostal Cazes.  There is something about travel that inspires creativity.  And so refreshing to use Gatwick rather than Heathrow – more airlines should take advantage of cheaper fees and better customer access.

The second leg of this trip, from Dubai (where a can of beer is almost US$10 in the airport) to Hong Kong is on an A380 with wifi for all at just US$5 for 30MB.  Bargain, but I guess this will be on all airlines in the near future. If it wasn’t in the middle of the night I’d snap it up. 

I’ve been reading on a new toy: Kindle Touch, just £115 in Tesco.  Fantastic, I wish I brought earlier.  But you never know with gadgets – many don’t last longer than unwrapping.  I’m amazed at the ease to find, pay, and download writing to the device.  Thousands of books are free, the battery lasts a month, and you can even e-mail documents to it. Plus I’ve found a new income stream, by uploading content to sell.

My four bead shows were at Luton, Uxbridge, Sandown, and Norwich.  Edinburgh and Lakeland were cancelled because, I assume, the Government got the better and drive the organizers out of business.  Pity, because I love it up North. Thanks to all those who visited us, it’s so appreciated. 

Luton was a little quiet, although a couple of wholesale orders made up. Uxbridge was bad again – buyers were thrifty, and being in the “shed” didn’t help.  However, despite the £400 expense, Sandown was brilliant.  Not as good as it used to be, but it kept us flat out.  As usual, our best show was Norwich – with a queue 45-minutes in advance and non-stop until 3pm.  I apologize to those who couldn’t push through the crowds, and hope that more tables next year will give better access.

I was impressed by how many at the bead shows were following my tweets at MrBead@UKMrBead, and my personal tweets on Nigel@NigelMckay.  Thanks for your commitment – I’m really in the dark at this end.  If you have any requests or comments, just click the “Leave a Reply” link at the blog’s end.  All feedback is much appreciated!

On that note, could you guide me on how you would like me to write:

  • More personal content?
  • More business content?
  • More pictures?

I’m off to Cambodia on Sunday 4th November – so that trip will be the next blog.

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