How To Make More Time

You’re going to need more time if you want to make money from your hobby.  However, time is like a bag or a drawer.  Whatever you have: you’ll fill it all.  You must be selective and efficient.  Then use this extra time early morning for your most-important projects.



  • If you really feel you haven’t enough time, appreciate that we all have the same amount: it’s what you do with it that counts!

  • Cut late-night TV, go to bed early and get up two-hours earlier.  Television is the biggest time killer of all – slash your viewing time.

  • Exercise for half-an-hour a day (swimming is good).  You’ll get more than this time back as you’ll need less sleep – because of its improved quality.

  • Cut chit-chat and social websites.  Keep phone calls to the point - better still, don’t answer the phone!

  • Stop reading the newspaper daily.  You forget 95% what you read.

  • Experiment with day-time naps, combined with getting up earlier. 

  • Keep your body hydrated – this influences the sleep you need.  Don’twait untilyou’re thirsty before drinking.

  • Make lists so you can plan logically and shop less often.

  • Work while you’re travelling.  On public transport, plan craft fairs or design leaflets.  Printout articles & download e-books to read offline.

  • Analyze your business and read while on holiday.  It’s amazing how creativity improves in a different environment.

  • Do everything quicker.  If you feel what you’re doing is slowing, go onto something else.  It’s good to leave something if you can use the time more productively.

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