Tiger Eye Beads Make Striking Magical Jewellery

What are tiger's eye beads
Tiger-eye beads are polished to show their characteristic stripes of pearly luminescence. These are caused by light reflecting off thin parallel inclusions in the quartz. Its name comes from the bands that resemble an eye of a tiger.

Colors range from a rich golden-yellow to dark-brown, as well as red tiger eye.

Benefits of tiger's eye
Tiger-eye is good for those worried about health. It's positive energy builds will-power and inner-strength. Traditionally it has been used to heal wounds, eyes, and the lower legs and feet - as well as for digestion and stomach problems. It's also said to bring spiritual well-being and psychic protection, plus attract beauty and abundance.

Tiger-eye is thought to not only attract wealth, but helps you to keep money by allowing you to consider all factors, like reducing greed or wastefulness. It is also a good gemstone for those tired or under stress, as it relaxes and allows you to clarify thought.

Tiger eye has been used for centuries. Roman soldiers wore it for protection, as they thought the stone looked like it could see more than the human eye.

Similarity to the tiger!
Some say other benefits of tiger-eye, are associated to the tiger. Bringing focus, balance, strength, clear sight, determination, courage and determination. The ideal stone to concentrate on a goal in life. The gemstone can bring you the patience necessary, like a tiger waiting hours before pouncing, to look ahead and plan a project or a new way of life.

Cat's & hawk's eyebeads
Similar stones are cat's-eye and hawk's-eye - all with bands of pearly luminescence creating a supernatural appearance.

Cat's-eye can be yellowish-brown to green with a white band, and is said to bring wealth and pleasure from your children.

Hawk's-eye or falcon's eye has a blue radiance. When a bright light source is directed at the side of the stone, one side of the eye will be milky white and the other remains colored. When the stone is rotated, the colors switch. It is believed to be very soothing and cool overwhelming sexual passion.

Use in jewelry
These natural type of beads make exciting jewelry. Cat's eye golden brown luminescent bands add mystique to designs made from it, creating a classical African effect. The gemstone is inexpensive and available in all shapes and sizes, faceted, loose beads, and by the strand. However, set in silver or mixed with silver findings, the final effect looks far from cheap.

Astrological sign: For those born under Capricorn, Pisces and Gemini.

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