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   Who is Nigel?

Nigel MckayI was born in 1957, north of London, UK.   At 18 I left art school to work for a newspaper, before establishing a photographic studio.  I grew a moustache to look older!


Bored and in debt from fast cars and holidays, I shut shop and travelled overland to China.  I’ve been there ever since, commuting between Hong Kong and Guangzhou.   I came online in 1997 when Britain lost Hong Kong, and built my first shop there on a 10-inch laptop - the only machine to fit my tiny Mong Kok room. 


Later I moved to the mainland, right above huge bead wholesalers.  Knowing nothing about beads, I brought whatever looked attractive and searched online before listing them on eBay.  From there came MrBead.com and my other online stores.  I fly to the UK regularly and extensively around the globe looking for new products and to holiday.



Nigel Mckay