Don’t Be Shy!

Stuck away in front of a computer screen in China, I don’t see many people.  Even when I go out, apart from my friends, I can’t speak much with others because my Chinese I so little.  So I love to talk to customers and readers.


Apart from weekends I’m usually busy in Hong Kong, but if you’re calling there or to Southern China, e-mail or tweet to let me know.  You’re also welcome on the boat in Norfolk when we’re there, either for a day trip or overnight – she has three cabins, a hot shower and a full galley, plus a fridge freezer for beer!  Or the least I can offer you is a drink in a Norfolk pub if you’re around.


If I’m not working, during the day I like to get out to nature – the countryside, hills, rivers or the coast.  Personally, in the evenings, I like to eat well, philosophize or talk about business or travel while getting drunk.  But MiMi can talk beading if that’s what you prefer.


If you’re into adventure traveling, why not meet up in another country?  I can show you around.  I’m often in many South East Asian lands – like Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, as well as China and the UK.  And in the UK, I try to do as much camping as possible.


In Britain, MiMi and I usually drive over 3,500-miles in our 5-week trips – that’s just on the roads!  We always do a bead show in Edinburgh followed by a few days around Scotland, usually the Highlands, Islands and West Coast – plus another trip up north to a show at Penrith, as well as some other fairs not quite so far. 


When we’re not at trade shows, we’re either in Norfolk or Luton, where my mother lives.  That’s apart from many side-trips to Wales, the West Country, the Peak District, or a coastal break.  And every other year we do a trip around Morocco, flying Ryanair from Luton.


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